The Learning Development Institute (LDI, Inc) opened in 2013 to provide clients with strategic level consulting for the organizational learning function. With our clients, we build learning strategies that deliver impact to the organization's bottom line. We coach and develop new leaders of learning to develop them into masters of driving metrics that matter through judicious use of learning opportunities.

The courses and resources presented on this site represent a combination of the latest research, and hands-on experience with what works.  Courses at LDI are deliberately short and direct. While it is possible to make a course longer, use more complex media and engage in entertaining approaches, we prefer to use the simplest means to convey the information you need – and equip you with tools so you can get started on what you need to achieve. We respect your time and want to get you back to what’s important to you – as quickly as possible.

LDI is directed by Dr. Irene T. Boland. Dr. Boland earned a PhD in Education with a specialization in Instructional Design. Dr. Boland regularly publishes and presents to professional associations and industry organizations.  She also provides expert consulting to clients in diverse industries. Her extensive hands-on experience shapes the courses at LDI to be concise and effective.  

Learning Development Institute (LDI, Inc)
Orlando, Florida