Learning Leaders Boot Camp

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Learning Leaders Bootcamp

Have you just become the leader of the learning function? Or would you like to grow you career toward that goal?  You can develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to make a strong start or build your skills as the learning leader.  Often, learning leaders start as successful leaders in other areas of the business.  You can transition smoothly and make a focused impact on the business using the knowledge and tools provided in this course.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Establish the workplace and procedures your team will use to make sure all the work gets done on time, on budget and to your exacting quality standards
  • Establish quality and learning effectiveness standards
  • Align your team’s work with the most important goals of the organization
  • Structure and staff your learning team to meet your goals
  • Manage the change that accompanies learning – so the learning sticks and becomes performance improvements

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