Our Work

Our diverse global clientele are thrilled, and you deserve to be just as happy. Envision yourself riding along through their journeys in our case studies, project summaries, and testimonials. 

If too many people are tasked with Learning & Development activities, it's hard to know where responsibility lies. When the ad hoc team lacks essential skills, the result is low quality, duplication of efforts, low levels of learning effectiveness and other forms of productivity waste. 

In this case study, we describe how we created a Center of Excellence to centralize key tasks and supported decentralized L&D teams to create engaging and effective learning that was responsive to local needs.  


While our work is changing every day, our job descriptions hardly ever do. This leads to gaps in our thinking about what each team member should be doing to contribute to team goals. If left alone, it can lead to workplace inefficiencies and conflict. 

In this case study, we explore our process and results in redesigning job roles to make clear responsibilities, accountability and paths for career growth.